Make your yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat

1000+ Delawarians
have made their yards* Certified Wildlife Habitats.

Certify your yard or deck* now.

* every backyard, schoolyard, community or business counts.

Make your yard come alive! Your yard may be home to 15 migratory birds, 20 native plant species, five kinds of butterflies, and enough wildlife to make you think you are on a safari.

This isn't your yard, you say? Well it could be. It's easy and we can help. Whether you have only a balcony or acres of land, you can join the 1,000 other properties in Delaware helping to make a difference for wildlife and water.

The Certified Wildlife Habitat™ program, conducted through a partnership between the Delaware Nature Society and the National Wildlife Federation, provides official recognition for properties that meet five criteria necessary for wildlife:  food, water, cover, places for wildlife to raise young, and wildlife-friendly landscaping practices.

Why get certified »

When filling out your application form (Delaware residents) you may request a free technical consultation from a Delaware Nature Society Habitat Steward to learn ways to attract wildlife and reduce pollution on your property.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

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Newark Community Wildlife Habitat project supported by DuPont's Clear Into the Future Grant Program.
United Water Delaware supports the Certified Wildlife Habitat program.